Standard Flyer Size for Printing

Standard Flyer Size for Printing


Designing a flyer can be a dilemma. Companies offer customized designs on the standard flyer size. Various services are available to print the size of flyer that you want. It is not always mandatory that you have to use Photoshop in your design as it can be done in other ways too. This means that even if you are not a designer by profession, you will be able to make the flyer of your choice. The good news is that you

Stickers Printing

Stickers Printing

can print business flyers even with the help of basic software such as Word and PowerPoint. This makes things somewhat challenging, but then if you keep things a little simpler, almost anyone can print business flyers using standard software.


Plan What Your Content Will Be: The first step in any kind of design project is being able to have your information organized. Do you know what you will require? What are your goals? If you are printing a flyer about a concert, it will require information such as where the concert is, where it is, who is playing and how much it is about to cost. In fact, a lot of flyers can be printed using this information, but if you plan to include a couple of paragraphs of copy in it, this can be done so too, although it is going to make your project a challenging one. In this case, your aim should be to trim down all the necessary information into comprehensible chunks.


Although a business flyer can and should have a lot of information that your average presentation slide, it hardly means that you will go crazy with the content. The same basic rules will apply here. Less is always more. If you create a flyer which is basically made up of large chunks of text, not many people will glance or take a look at it for more than half a second. They will find that it is a lot of work to go through and will finally move on. In that case, your goal would be to trim down all the necessary information into lots that can be grasped easily. It is best to throw out anything that is not really required and find ways to make going through your services a lot more easily.


Bullet Point Fever


Once you make your information brief and concise, the standard flyer size should be more approachable and easier to go through. Do not cram the flyer with too many bullets. While bullet pointers can be a great way to make your information into a nutshell and legible, amateur designers can overuse them which will make your flyer illegible and unimpressive to look at, let alone read. If the bullet points are ready to understand and read, you can distribute your information easily. This will make sure that you are on the right track. If you are using the bullets as a crutch as you have no idea as to how else the flyer is to be designed, it is best to rethink your strategy.


Look for Images


If you are not a professional designer, it is easy to get intimidated when it comes to adding imagery. A number of them are aware of the fact that clipart can be tacky and often completely horrid, but they are not aware of other options. The good thing is that the World Wide Web is a wonderland of free resources if you are aware where to look. Free stock photography websites are great as starting points.


Design Your Event Flyer for Attracting Attention


A flyer is good as long as it can attract attention. Event flyers should be especially made to stand out as they tend to compete with a bundle of other flyers. There are various ways through which you can make your standard flyer size worthy of attention. To get an idea, you can visit a place where there are a lot of event flyers and they get posted. Scan the flyers and make a note of the ones that seem the most attractive to you. Take a closer look. There are a few things that make flyers stand out. These are:


Use the largest paper format that your printer can deal with or the biggest enlargement that you can get from a print shop. Size does matter, especially when you are in a sea of other flyers.


Use paper that is brightly colored. Neon paper is likely to grab the maximum attention, but then it can overpower the pictures or the text. This is the reason why you should choose a color that is bright but still sufficiently soft for creating a contrast with dark ink, such as sky blue. Otherwise, if you want to stick to a neon shade, choose a dark color for the images and text.


Choose a picture that looks striking and attractive. The picture that you have chosen should be one that depends on your audience, but it should have sufficient contrast and saturation so as to make it pop.


Use fonts that are thick and simple. While funky fonts may look good on your computer and work effectively for pamphlets and other handbills, they are illegible from a distance and do not photocopy well. It is best to use bold and simple fonts that are easy to read and do not distort after being copied hundreds of times.


Prevent getting cluttered. It is attractive to cram every square inch of the standard flyer size with graphics and words, although at times you can make your flyer stand out with images and headlines which have the necessary whitespace.


Make sure that your flyer is seen from a distance. Have it tested by hanging it up. Walk back for 4 or 5 steps and see if you can make out the message in the headline from a distance.


Post the flyers early. Post the flyers at least a week before your event. This will make sure that the poster has been posted before others and will help publicize your event earlier.