Designs for Folding Business Cards


Folding business cards are among the top present trends when it comes to business card design. The cards are designed in a way so that they can be folded to the size of a standard business card, which makes them fit into a card holder or wallet easily, but they have twice as much space to fill. You may select between the long fold (which looks like a miniature greeting card) or a short fold (which stands vertically and folds out into a long bookmark like shape). Then there is the offset fold in which the front part is shorter than the back, revealing the lower pane of information open as well as closed.

All of the formats are well-designed and can be functional, appealing or cutting edge, as the case may be. However, you should also avoid certain pitfalls. Here are some of the advantages of the folded business cards:

Extra Space: There is a lot of additional space which allows you to include information on your products and services. you may add in pictures, maps and every other little detail on the inner part of the fold which even makes the cards serve dual purposes like the mini brochures.

Self-supporting: The fold is something that makes the cards self-supporting. This allows them to stand out on a table display which makes them a lot more noticeable and attractive than the flat ordinary cards.

This is a format that allows for a lot of creative design innovations and makes business cards convert into useful giveaways which people would want to keep with them longer. You could, thus, print a reference guide which is relevant to your business. These might include a calendar, a color chart, a planting guide, a keyboard shortcuts list, weights and measures conversion guide and more. in fact, you can put anything that your prospects might want to prop up on the kitchen or desk for long term reference.

This is a preferred format as it allows for a lot of blank space to be kept inside for taking down notes. A few people print on the outer part and leave the inside blank. This is especially the case where the personal touch is important. You could then mention a Twitter handle, a personal mobile number or a blog URL inside before you hand it over. Mention any wee bit of detail which is most relevant to the contact, which makes your conversation all the more memorable.

Things to Consider

One of the concerns about folding your business cards is that it could get too cluttered. Do not try to crowd the space with a lot of information because the space is small. Always remember the important design secret – less is more.

The cards are more expensive than the commonly found business cards. The size is twice that of the plain business cards, and the printing and design incorporated in them is also double the usual. The scoring of the fold is also elaborate. In that case, you need to weigh whether you are saving your cash on the other informational material with the added space inside. The venture can still be a cost effective one if it saves your printing charges and gives out other pieces of printed paper.

When their size has doubled, they are double the bulk which means you are required to carry more weight around in your pocket to get the same number of cards on hand. This is a small consideration, but worth noticing if you want to travel light.

If you want to be eco friendly, the folded business cards might not be the best thing to try that on. They use a lot of ink and card so that even if you select natural vegetable based inks and recycled card stock, you are using twice the amount of resources that are commonly used in business cards.

If you want to choose a fold, make sure that your designers make the most of it so that it stands out from the crowd.

Business Cards for Special Effects

The most important marketing device in a business is the approach of business and publicity cards which create the desired effect in the market. Sometimes, the cards fail to attain the desired effect which means that the conceptualization or designing could be flawed. With improved printing technology, there have been a lot of changes taking place in the field of marketing. Consider all the steps that are taken while you are designing the card. Corporate marketing specialty is highlighted if you spend your time and effort for producing stylish cards which attracts the consumer on the go.

The first step towards that would be to create a colorful and fashionable card that has a high graphic appeal and perfect balance in its color combination. For this, you might need the services of a professional designer to create a brilliant artwork for making sophisticated looking folded business cards. If you want, you can place your order online from a provider that meets your needs and requirements. It is best to go for the choice that allows you to print on both sides of the business card. This will give you additional space to include important text and details.

You may include important things such as maps, directions, calendars or even important information and details on the back side of the folded cards so that they are more useful for your customer. Increase the curiosity of your recipient by including a strong corporate slogan or message. You may even incorporate a bargain deal so that your customers can visit your store and avail of the discounts and several other gift offers as they make purchase with the cards.

In short, your corporate folded business cards can create a unique impression in the minds of your guests and customers. They are certainly a great way to boost business. This is a marketing approach that is implemented by several businesses in order to increase sales, or in social events.





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