55printing.com announces services that are new Every Door direct-mail postcards for USPS

55printing.com announces services that are new Every doorway direct-mail postcards for USPS

Get noticed with all the USPS EDDM system that will be assisting 1000s of businesses nationwide with one of these brand-new treatments by 55printing.com

Get to any number of homes and company with your postcard or flyer because of the USPS each Door Direct post program makes it possible for you to attain individuals and business within a postcode without the need of a mailing list, read on to find out more!

USPS made it easy to distribute neighborhood EDDM postcard prints to tens of thousands of address just by providing them with a Zip that is single code. The purchase price of these services is fairly reduced, however you may rest assured that the flyers are now being delivered to a address that is realdanger that people frequently go to when purchasing e-mail lists to spread their postcards).
There are numerous demands for any USPS acceptance of postcards, papers pounds, dimensions, USPS EDDM Indicia area, etc.
Here’s the price, complimentary “design overview” and “edit” is being offered at 55printing.com to ensure that customers layout records are in conformity with USPS program.

Keep in mind to not confuse direct-mail with every hinged door Direct Mail postcard printing because these are very different products.

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